Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Animal Heaven

This is my perfect nightmare. The video was posted over two years ago, shame it's taken such a long time for me to come across it(!) I find this scary and fascinating...an experiment that illustrates the power of subliminal persuasion. Extraordinary, I'll be keeping my eyes shut on the way to work from now on in order to stay 100% original in my creativity...oh well. Better find out what else Derren Brown has been up to recently.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Share Everything You Can

A note about Google culture that helps them innovate their products. A flat organisation with staff who are empowered and have a sense of independence. Tom Kelly's book "The Art of Innovation" is quoted - it warns against chasing after credit for ideas instead of focusing on producing new ideas: "Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products & User Experience at Google, believes that if you fill a room with smart people and give them access to information, brilliant ideas will flourish, and the need for a strict management hierarchy dissolves."

MS Natal

It's great to see this development from MS - Natal is a console-free Xbox interface which looks very cool. Natural interaction or gesture driven devices are the way forward. We're freeing ourselves from clunky consoles which is great. If you think of these types of innovations alongside the things going on in the Googlesphere ...with any luck, technology may become empowering in the right ways some day soon. (Not that I'm hedging my bets, or anything!)

Chrome OS

Yet another facet of Google's bid for world domination...the Chrome OS beautifully explained by another Epipheo animation...

Google Navigation

Product manager from the Google product team explains the Beta launch of GPS voice driven navigation for Android enabled phones...this will connect your phone to Google maps in your car. Hmm...interesting development.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Evan Roth and Eyewriter

It is a rare moment when technology and poetry intersect so beautifully. This technology is magical and empowering. Eyewriter was developed to allow paralysed people to use a computer...they can drive the cursor by moving their eyes. This short movie tells the story of graffiti artist 'Tempt' using the technology from his hospital bed to create artworks in the urban LA environment. Very moving.

Google Wave Promotion

A piece of branding and promotion Google style. A brief promo about the powers of Google wave and about the antiquated nature of our existing email universe.

Loose, easy relaxed candid marketing. "Just kick it, grab a Margarita and watch your communication-ness soar..."

Windows 7 vs Mac Rich Media

This is a sweet extension of the tried and tested brand campaign for Apple. This particular execution using the interaction between different traditional ad banner spaces on the NY Times...is a great brand statement and a fine use of rich media advertising formats.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Flikr Colour Tool

This is a beautiful, cool tool connection RGB colour polling with the Flikr database of photography...ahh, a little wow on a Tuesday.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Dose of Loveliness and Goodness

The National Grid Gallery in looks like a great hub of creativity and inspires a little hope on a Tuesday morning...

They're currently running an open art project: "the Clothespeg Project Volume 3". Feelin' creative just thinking about it now.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Thoughts on Ebon Heath / Char Davies

June, July and nearly all of August has vanished and now I'm finally finishing up this post about Ebon's gorgeous typography.

Had a strange vision that Ebon and Char Davies should do a collaboration...so you could fly through the 3D typography in virtual space.

I'll never forget experiencing Char Davies' Osmose in VR. Amazing.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Cool are Kickers?

Since when did Kickers become such an edgy brand? I remember my lovely red Kickers from the 80s with a lot of nostalgia and warmth...hmm not sure what I think about this cranky set of animations for an old favourite. They're clever and almost funny but...at odds with the brand of kids shoes I used to love. I guess the brief was to make the brand relevant to today's market, be cool or die - forcing the shoes to seem trendy when they clearly aren't (well, they certainly weren't when I wore them). I think a campaign more like the 'Unworry' message would work better. These shoes are from a time when simple things like comfort and quality really meant something. (URGH..now I'm sounding my age not my shoe size!!)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Paper Motion

Where's Sydney's version of this Augmented Reality poster? This one is advertising the movie 'Night at the Museum II'. Hold up the paper and a dinosaur skeleton lumbers to life. Check out the video on YouTube. There's a fair amount of screen glare which doesn't show the onscreen graphics to best advantage...I wonder how it works at night...

Monday, April 27, 2009

LastGraph Data Visualisation

I really had a great deal of fun with this online data visualisation application that sucks data from LastFM - and then displays it in a range of beautiful ways. Still haven't managed to print or download my poster of time based music enjoyment buuut .... it was inspired by the work of Lee Byron.

Razorfish 2008 Consumer Experience Report

Wow - this is a thing of beauty. I love the tender loving design and production care that went into this! Also, makes very interesting reading. Especially liked the article "Putting Jakob back on the shelf"...(Better late than never...)

Nokia Point and Find

Really interesting find via Oliver Weidlich from the TAT mobile user interface blog... dodgy demo but great potential functionality.

"This future is inevitable. Start preparing now!

Today: Not having a website for your business is unthinkable.
Future: Not having your posters and other graphic promotional material registered so that they can be auto-recognized will be unthinkable."
Here's a better demo video on You Tube from a British trade show - a clear outline of the Nokia Point and Find technology and its potential.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

iPhone Apps - Facing Facts:

Quotes from an interesting AdWeek article: Inside the iPhone App Goldrush.

"Lighter company Zippo came out last October with a branded iPhone application that features a simple lighter on the screen. Since its introduction, the Virtual Zippo Lighter has been downloaded 3 million times, making it the most popular brand application on the iPhone platform."

"Brands tend to gravitate, often with poor results, to "shiny objects," said Wayne Arnold, CEO, North America, Profero, an independent digital agency. "Creating an iPhone app is jumping to implementation before you have a strategy," he said."

"...less than 5 percent of downloaded iPhone applications are kept longer than a month."

Monday, April 20, 2009

iBanter for Cobra Beer

"Feel the back of my hand...no, really, feel the back of my hand."

Another quirky digital moment from Poke London, this time it's iBanter for Cobra Beer. For all the times I wish I had something dodgy, edgy or nearly funny to say - you can now download your own smart-mouth, if you're an iPod owner of course.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Digital Gurus - Job Board

Nice use of Flash sliders in this job board from Digital Gurus in London. You can enter your postcode and then use two sets of controls (distance from home and salary) to update the jobs listed within the page. The style is so...1997 but hey, all my work was urban, gritty and black with photography of the inner city back then. Nice to see something so closely resembling my own graphic style from college days...getting quoted back a decade later.

Virgin Mobile Careers Site

Well, this explains a lot. Employment branding Virgin Mobile style. It's refreshing to see a company illustrate their ideal employee with quirky or cheeky descriptors like...'*Sparkling demeanour (*Note the reassuring yet assertive voice)' and 'nice bum' ...we at HRX will all keep an eye out from now on and check to see how Virgin's staff live up to their company's expectations. (Well, while we all share a lift every day that is.)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

EB for UK Government

A great example of EB spotted by Zoe here at HRX for the National Graduate Development Programme for Local Government in the UK. The two video stories featured on the home page of this site are excellent examples of great EB in action. The video elements are really well produced and give the viewer a compelling experience online. I love the gentle illustration and animation style, the audio is well integrated too...full marks.

Yummy Mummy Careers

Another Springwise recruitment case study: "Women make up roughly half of the workforce, and a large portion of them are of child-bearing age. Although it's no secret that employers need to become more family-friendly if they want to attract top talent, many are slow to take action.
Which is why Vancouver-based Sarah Fowles and James Sadler created a classified ad site specifically for moms seeking jobs. Instead of avoiding them, employers who post jobs on Yummy Mummy Careers actively recruit women with children, and (one would hope), are willing to accommodate their needs."

Figuring Out

More on recruitment concepts from Springwise: "When it comes to choosing a career path, it's one thing to think about the job from the outside, but quite another to experience it day to day. Back in 2006 we wrote about Vocation Vacations, which helps career-changers test out different waters, and now UK-based Figuring Out offers a combination of career coaching and trial work experience to achieve a similar end."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fresh Recruitment Concepts

Just did another trawl through Springwise...searching for innovation in the recruitment field. Discovered a few interesting moments, an ERP portal Zubka.
Then there's this great little item titled: Job Interview Reinvented: "From Monsterboard to Craigslist to YorZ, advertising jobs online has become a standard part of the recruitment process.
The part of recruiting that has been lagging in its uptake of online technology, is the job interview. By conducting automated, online video Q&A sessions, HireVue, aims to revolutionize how recruiters view and select candidates. Instead of sifting through resumes, they can watch candidates answer a set of specific questions, allowing in-depth screening before inviting people for face-to-face interviews." Hmm, interesting.

iPhone App for 'Now Hiring'

This just spotted by Zoe here at HRX. It's a recruitment application listed on the iPhone app site..."Don’t miss out on that job because you are away from your computer. Now Hiring is the perfect companion for anyone looking for a new job or career change. Search 1000’s of US & International job sites with the press of a button. In today’s competitive job market any advantage can make the difference. With Now Hiring you can stay one step ahead of the competition; it’s like having a recruiter in the palm of your hand."

Interactive Logograph for BP

Okay, finally found this beautiful, old example of a reactive logotype created years ago by Golan Levin. I am seriously on the hunt for more great examples of reactive or interactive logos. I'll also be keeping an eye out for innovative brand toolkits or online brand guidelines.

Iridium Group Site

The gentle sound of an acoustic guitar and a photograph of weathered wood...if you hit refresh you get a range of natural images updating the homepage. The work promotes an emotional response immediately. The music combines powerfully with image and typography. This site immediately creates a warm, welcoming, reassuring impression. I want to meet them, find out all about their philosophy. Beautiful.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Vivo Brand Guide

Okay, finally, I've started to find some good examples of interactive/online brand guidelines. After trawling through a range of blogs and worthy but traditional brand guide websites...I stumbled upon the Vivo brand guide designed in Brazil. There must be more. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled because there is plenty of innovation we need to tap into on this one to push our brand guidelines to the next level.

SellSumers Hollrr SNADvertising

Mashing our terms as we go...here is an interesting moment. Converting people from being brand savvy to being fanatical brand advocates has now taken a new turn. Get paid. Become a 'sellSumer'. The unofficial media space of the individual can now be a business proposition in its own right.
... from Springwise: "Consumers frustrated by products with problems already have RedesignMe to share—and get paid for—their ideas on improving them. Now, on the flip side of the coin, there's Hollrr, a site that lets users help promote the products they love."
The brand marketing machine keeps evolving through our social networking activities...SNADvertising . We can interact with our online community and be tracked with efficient analytical tools to further inform marketers of our brand allegiances...

EB Examples from Springwise

"Whereas the Best Job in the World was designed to focus attention on the Great Barrier Reef Islands, AirAsia's program is more of a fresh twist on the traditional recruitment process. And if that twist can work for hiring new pilots, what's to say it couldn't be used—with varying degrees of modification—to find your next blogger, marketing manager or sysadmin? Be inspired!"

Flutter Mockumentary

...This one really tickled me, especially because I didn't know it was a mocko at first.

heh heh. Also wondering if 'twit' is now becoming a verb.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Contagious Magazine

This is a great online resource and also a very good example of what media publications should evolve into online...

"Contagious is a quarterly intelligence briefing in magazine, DVD and online format. It identifies the ideas, trends and innovations behind the world’s most revolutionary marketing strategies."

Flash Mob Branding for T Mobile

Love this from Adverblog:

"Looks like we've got a new trend here. Following the success of the New York based prank collective Improv Everywhere, brands now start to do their own branded flash mobs. In January, T-Mobile had a huge hit with it's Liverpool Street Station dance. Last week, both Amsterdam and Antwerp had it's turn. Who's next?"

Recruitment Advertising Window

I had another look at Melbourne's "Interactivity.com.au" to see how their product range is evolving. It's interesting to read which brands and businesses they feel would be suited to their interactive window product:

"High street recruitment agents - Fill that vacancy now no longer restricted by the size of your window display you can promote all your job opportunities. Add a simple search facility and your customers can select their ideal job using the interactive touch screen..."

Microsoft Surface in New York AT&T Store

OK - this use of Microsoft Surface is officially amazing. Looking forward to some serious interaction at POS in Sydney some time soon. It's the sort of immersive brand experience that Apple ought to have in their stores...

iPhone Application for Kraft

Wow - I totally agree with Operand's assessment on this excellent example of branded application design. Having created similar pitch concepts for LG and being aware of similar prototype concepts such as Justin Moodie's (now head of Sega Europe I see...woohoo!) mobile phone app from ACOM's lab all those years ago...this iPhone app series the "ifood assistant" is a great culmination of features and functionality. Lucky old Kraft, they really got it right on this one.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

GEs Smart Grid - Augmented Reality

This GE branded execution using AR really is pretty mind blowing stuff. I'll be watching this technology and will try and collect examples of who's implementing it for which brand. This example for GE goes one better than the vorsprung durch technik style execution from various car manufacturers. I spotted in Wiki that Nissan, Volvo and Toyota have all used it for branded promotions. The GE Smart grid uses the input of the microphone to drive the 3D wind turbines. Beautiful...there's a great crit of this work at the Operand blog which is worth a read too.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Megas

Quite a few of the award winners at this year's Media Guardian competition caught my eye:

The ACDC viral using Excel was particularly interesting...great way to get branded comms past a firewall. Hmmm..the potential is endless for this sort of thing.

Shoot the summer looks really interesting - "a film about festivals shot entirely on mobile phones. It was an experiment in crowdsourcing and mobile movie making..."

I tried to check out Poke/Nic Roope's(?) 'Balloonacy' site for Orange..but missed the balloon race...it looks like it was hugely popular. I'll have to search around and have a go at playing the game.

I really love Demotix and can see why the Media Guardian is behind it...

"Demotix was founded with two principles at its heart - the freedom of speech and the freedom to know. Its objective is nothing if not ambitious - to rescue journalism by connecting independent journalists with the traditional media."

And of course...you'd spend a while checking out the signs in Heineken's branded interactive piece:

Know the Signs website ..."Red Brick Road / Ruby and Heineken wanted this campaign to have real impact. This was no box-ticking CSR exercise. To do this, it needed to resonate with a trendy, media-savvy, youthful audience." Work out whether you or your mates have ever been one of the five architypal disaster drinkers...

Interactive Branding

Great little moment from Dutch agency N=5 for Fitness First. This has inspired me to start a collection of innovative branding moments...

"No more living in denial about the size of your waist line, thanks to this fantastic albeit terrifying guerrilla marketing initiative[...]Unsuspecting commuters in the Netherlands are faced with viewing their body weight in bright lights - quite literally - when they take a seat at this Rotterdam bus stop."