Monday, April 27, 2009

LastGraph Data Visualisation

I really had a great deal of fun with this online data visualisation application that sucks data from LastFM - and then displays it in a range of beautiful ways. Still haven't managed to print or download my poster of time based music enjoyment buuut .... it was inspired by the work of Lee Byron.

Razorfish 2008 Consumer Experience Report

Wow - this is a thing of beauty. I love the tender loving design and production care that went into this! Also, makes very interesting reading. Especially liked the article "Putting Jakob back on the shelf"...(Better late than never...)

Nokia Point and Find

Really interesting find via Oliver Weidlich from the TAT mobile user interface blog... dodgy demo but great potential functionality.

"This future is inevitable. Start preparing now!

Today: Not having a website for your business is unthinkable.
Future: Not having your posters and other graphic promotional material registered so that they can be auto-recognized will be unthinkable."
Here's a better demo video on You Tube from a British trade show - a clear outline of the Nokia Point and Find technology and its potential.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

iPhone Apps - Facing Facts:

Quotes from an interesting AdWeek article: Inside the iPhone App Goldrush.

"Lighter company Zippo came out last October with a branded iPhone application that features a simple lighter on the screen. Since its introduction, the Virtual Zippo Lighter has been downloaded 3 million times, making it the most popular brand application on the iPhone platform."

"Brands tend to gravitate, often with poor results, to "shiny objects," said Wayne Arnold, CEO, North America, Profero, an independent digital agency. "Creating an iPhone app is jumping to implementation before you have a strategy," he said."

"...less than 5 percent of downloaded iPhone applications are kept longer than a month."