Sunday, November 15, 2009

Evan Roth and Eyewriter

It is a rare moment when technology and poetry intersect so beautifully. This technology is magical and empowering. Eyewriter was developed to allow paralysed people to use a computer...they can drive the cursor by moving their eyes. This short movie tells the story of graffiti artist 'Tempt' using the technology from his hospital bed to create artworks in the urban LA environment. Very moving.

Google Wave Promotion

A piece of branding and promotion Google style. A brief promo about the powers of Google wave and about the antiquated nature of our existing email universe.

Loose, easy relaxed candid marketing. "Just kick it, grab a Margarita and watch your communication-ness soar..."

Windows 7 vs Mac Rich Media

This is a sweet extension of the tried and tested brand campaign for Apple. This particular execution using the interaction between different traditional ad banner spaces on the NY a great brand statement and a fine use of rich media advertising formats.