Monday, April 06, 2009

Contagious Magazine

This is a great online resource and also a very good example of what media publications should evolve into online...

"Contagious is a quarterly intelligence briefing in magazine, DVD and online format. It identifies the ideas, trends and innovations behind the world’s most revolutionary marketing strategies."

Flash Mob Branding for T Mobile

Love this from Adverblog:

"Looks like we've got a new trend here. Following the success of the New York based prank collective Improv Everywhere, brands now start to do their own branded flash mobs. In January, T-Mobile had a huge hit with it's Liverpool Street Station dance. Last week, both Amsterdam and Antwerp had it's turn. Who's next?"

Recruitment Advertising Window

I had another look at Melbourne's "" to see how their product range is evolving. It's interesting to read which brands and businesses they feel would be suited to their interactive window product:

"High street recruitment agents - Fill that vacancy now no longer restricted by the size of your window display you can promote all your job opportunities. Add a simple search facility and your customers can select their ideal job using the interactive touch screen..."

Microsoft Surface in New York AT&T Store

OK - this use of Microsoft Surface is officially amazing. Looking forward to some serious interaction at POS in Sydney some time soon. It's the sort of immersive brand experience that Apple ought to have in their stores...

iPhone Application for Kraft

Wow - I totally agree with Operand's assessment on this excellent example of branded application design. Having created similar pitch concepts for LG and being aware of similar prototype concepts such as Justin Moodie's (now head of Sega Europe I see...woohoo!) mobile phone app from ACOM's lab all those years ago...this iPhone app series the "ifood assistant" is a great culmination of features and functionality. Lucky old Kraft, they really got it right on this one.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

GEs Smart Grid - Augmented Reality

This GE branded execution using AR really is pretty mind blowing stuff. I'll be watching this technology and will try and collect examples of who's implementing it for which brand. This example for GE goes one better than the vorsprung durch technik style execution from various car manufacturers. I spotted in Wiki that Nissan, Volvo and Toyota have all used it for branded promotions. The GE Smart grid uses the input of the microphone to drive the 3D wind turbines. Beautiful...there's a great crit of this work at the Operand blog which is worth a read too.