Monday, April 20, 2009

iBanter for Cobra Beer

"Feel the back of my, really, feel the back of my hand."

Another quirky digital moment from Poke London, this time it's iBanter for Cobra Beer. For all the times I wish I had something dodgy, edgy or nearly funny to say - you can now download your own smart-mouth, if you're an iPod owner of course.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Digital Gurus - Job Board

Nice use of Flash sliders in this job board from Digital Gurus in London. You can enter your postcode and then use two sets of controls (distance from home and salary) to update the jobs listed within the page. The style is so...1997 but hey, all my work was urban, gritty and black with photography of the inner city back then. Nice to see something so closely resembling my own graphic style from college days...getting quoted back a decade later.

Virgin Mobile Careers Site

Well, this explains a lot. Employment branding Virgin Mobile style. It's refreshing to see a company illustrate their ideal employee with quirky or cheeky descriptors like...'*Sparkling demeanour (*Note the reassuring yet assertive voice)' and 'nice bum' ...we at HRX will all keep an eye out from now on and check to see how Virgin's staff live up to their company's expectations. (Well, while we all share a lift every day that is.)