Friday, April 23, 2010

Ant Hayes Illustration

I am loving the work of Ant Hayes I just wish I had a pair of those beautifully embellished custom shoes. The cushions and shoes I've customised are in a similar vein, but Ant's style is wierd and fun.

I found his work at Finders Keepers and it makes a really refreshing change to see an edgy, personal style shine out amongst the onslaught of Nordic Kitsch. I'm hatching a theory that IKEA has infected the culture and all the local indie makers are onto the same vibe. Maybe it could be called the IKEA School or perhaps, Scando Tragic...(if I see another twee owl, wonky felt toy, or cute little birdy...)

I admire the whole hand made movement (still want to watch Handmade Nation) and had a crack at it myself with Ponoko. On the flipside, there's a heap of junk out there which Regretsy hilariously showcases.