Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Cool are Kickers?

Since when did Kickers become such an edgy brand? I remember my lovely red Kickers from the 80s with a lot of nostalgia and warmth...hmm not sure what I think about this cranky set of animations for an old favourite. They're clever and almost funny odds with the brand of kids shoes I used to love. I guess the brief was to make the brand relevant to today's market, be cool or die - forcing the shoes to seem trendy when they clearly aren't (well, they certainly weren't when I wore them). I think a campaign more like the 'Unworry' message would work better. These shoes are from a time when simple things like comfort and quality really meant something. ( I'm sounding my age not my shoe size!!)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Paper Motion

Where's Sydney's version of this Augmented Reality poster? This one is advertising the movie 'Night at the Museum II'. Hold up the paper and a dinosaur skeleton lumbers to life. Check out the video on YouTube. There's a fair amount of screen glare which doesn't show the onscreen graphics to best advantage...I wonder how it works at night...