Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Cool are Kickers?

Since when did Kickers become such an edgy brand? I remember my lovely red Kickers from the 80s with a lot of nostalgia and warmth...hmm not sure what I think about this cranky set of animations for an old favourite. They're clever and almost funny odds with the brand of kids shoes I used to love. I guess the brief was to make the brand relevant to today's market, be cool or die - forcing the shoes to seem trendy when they clearly aren't (well, they certainly weren't when I wore them). I think a campaign more like the 'Unworry' message would work better. These shoes are from a time when simple things like comfort and quality really meant something. ( I'm sounding my age not my shoe size!!)


Kate.Elinore said...

Hey Soph,

Have you seen this?

Awesome loading screen. Addictive game....

- Kate

SpartanPlato said...

Hey Sophie,

Love your cowboy hat!

I came across your blog while I was on the "Sietch Blog". Looks cool.

These kicker commercials are funny... thanks!

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