Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fishburners Event

Social Entrepreneurs ROCK! Thanks to Mike McKay and Amanda Wise, I was lucky enough to attend a really inspiring Sunday afternoon at Fishburners. (And, nope, not sure where that name came from) Fishburners' office is a great, open plan shared office space for entrepreneurs, sole traders, freelancers and startups. The event we attended was the early development of a TV pilot involving a range of Social Entrepreneurs pitching their ideas (yep, like Master Chef but with socially responsible startups). I haven't had such an inspiring afternoon in years! I met so many excellent people...blissful. I hope that some of the concepts that were pitched to us, do come to fruition. It was great to see Cheryl Kernot there as one of the judges. Altogether awesome...and one of the trustees of the Awesome Foundation was there too - what more can I say!

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