Monday, March 29, 2010

Vooky Wook

Ah yes this little innovation brings back memories. A retro futuristic moment...I can just hear Peter Kindersley saying, the book is dead, long live CDROMs. That dates me, but I am old school!

Now, post Kindle, we have yet another stab at slaying the book as we know it. The 'Vook' evidently championed by Seth Godin, allows you to read, watch awe inspiring video and and also connect with your friends. It's just like multimedia with a bit of social media chucked in.

Sometimes I just think I'm being April fooled.

Doo Gooders

I'm really enjoying the Brandkarma site. Cute promotional video too. Now we can all compare different corporations and watch their 'karmic stocks and shares' rise and fall. Beautiful concept and a great execution too.

Delicious. Buuut...yet more jargon is we have 'doos' to contend with, (a bit too cute me thinkst.) Doo or doo not, there is no try according to Yoda.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Interactive Lobby Installation

I wish I could have designed this! I've got a square tonne of concepts mapped out for applications that do just this kind of thing: demonstrate a company's brand and global presence using a dynamic interactive display located in their lobby.

I want in! I want to design the next one to be installed soonest...

I wonder if Envis Precisely is planning on a move to Sydney?