Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mortal Engine by Chunky Move

I spotted this via random, I just liked the organic looking linework. Once I read the title and sub heading I was really hooked. I watched the clip above and it moved me to tears. This needs some explanation...

About 12 years ago I filled a sketchbook with concepts for interactive staging environments for contemporary dance. This was followed up with a chance to experiment with interaction design for a space (it was the Hoxton Cinema in London, a collaboration with Greyworld which was kindly funded by the Arts Council).

Well, it turns out that Chunky Move have created exactly the kind of thing I had in mind all those years ago! It's magical, ethereal...seemingly liquid reactive space where the dancers are authors of the visual dynamics of the lighting and atmospheric staging. The interactive environment is at one with the performance.

Perfect. And so incredibly frustrating that I had nothing to do with producing it. I want to dig up my sketchbooks and wave it at the guys who produced this...look, look I have twenty more ideas where this came from!!

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