Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Digital Citizens Social Media Meetup

I attended the Digital Citizens social media meetup last night and it was a bit of a blast from the past. That past being the one where people were honestly fired up about all things digital and there was an actual sense of passion and enthusiasm in the air from a refreshingly non-suited crowd.

There were some Nathan Barley moments and also some genuinely articulate interesting people too... an interesting mix, all up.

I got on the mike for my 20 seconds of fame...my point, if I remember correctly, was that companies will be necessarily changed by the advent of social media in two ways - altruism and honesty. Altruism due to things like crowdsourced design and code (like joomla) eclipsing CRMs that used to cost a fortune and also by customer 'honesty'. Brands don't belong to companies now, they belong to the world at large, and the results can be seen in places like Brandkarma amongst others.

Interesting times. I should get out more, clearly...!

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franksting said...

Hi there, thanks for coming the other night. Really appreciate your input as well. Hope to see you again next month