Sunday, May 21, 2006

Unintelligible Design

If we can't understand it...blame it on The Designer.

I read another article in the Sydney Morning Herald this weekend about Intelligent Design supporters in the US. I've been reading extensively around the topic...I would like to read a detailed description of the actual curriculum for schools promoted by the ID clan. I'd actually love to read a transcript of a teacher presenting the topic in class. It would be fascinating to get feedback from the students of such classes. Do they find it enlightening or confusing? Does having this additional choice of theoretical basis in their science classes work for them? Do they know the difference between the topics: science and religion?

Mind you the topic will only be presented at highly religious schools so the debate is moot.

I just discovered ID advocate Dembski's blog and a host of related sites. It's staggering how much there is of it out there. I am enjoying the vehemence with which they deal with Richard Dawkins. It's entertaining, but really rather sad. I watched Dawkins' two part documentary "Root of All Evil" the other night. Although I am a big fan of his I was a bit disappointed because he came across as a crusty academic with no empathy or respect for those with religious convictions. He preaches to the converted and leaves the rest of his audience out in the cold. As a public figure he lacks a certain sensitivity to some of his audience. If he doesn't watch it someone will issue a fatwa against him or perhaps an edict...

No amount of science or intellectual jousting will change the fact that humans crave security, love and certainty in life. When a man's life feels complete and it feels like those things are in place, why would he want to change? In terms of nourishing what is left of our concept of a soul - would you swap your comforting, grilled cheese sandwich for a cold, raw liver protein shake? Science just isn't tasty enough for most people.

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