Wednesday, May 17, 2006

14. Perfect Indigo

This section of the 33 book would be illustrated with a Haiku of some sort. This would be an attempt to illustrate the intense, infinite, deep dark blue of the Australian sky. I was so struck by this incredible sky blue when I first arrived here. (Okay although not technically indigo.)

I am not sure exactly why the Australian sky is so incredibly blue. Maybe the lack of humidity at certain times of year or the latitude or lack of Ozone? Whatever it is, it continues to make a huge impression on me. The intense blue has a concrete presence within the urban city scape. It's majestic in the truest sense.

Celestial vaulting - there is an installation out in the desert in California by James Turrell, a light installation artist. He built a temple to light. There is one element where you can lie on a tilted slab in the middle of the desert and your entire field of vision is filled with nothing but the 'celestial vault' of the sky. Apparently this has a strange, dislocating impact on the senses and your emotional state. It is said to make you feel disconnected from the earth.

James Turrell should create a temple of light here in Sydney I think it would work incredibly well. I see that he's built one in the dunes of the Hague too...but that European sky is just to pale by comparison.

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