Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Works of "Mine-Control"

I discovered the interactive installation works of 'Mine Control' quite by accident. I was doing some user acceptance testing on an iTV application and the video streams happened to be about Mine Control. It was a very distracting work session as I spent most of my time noting the names and dates of the works and finally...found the URL at the end of the video loop.


It's the most playful and enjoyable looking work I've seen since Rokeby's "Very Nervous System". The more I see interactive installations driven by natural human gestures...the more I want to be involved in making work just like it!

Mine Control's range of installations evolve in complexity - the early pieces like 'Sand' are very intuitive and simple..the newer works like 'Calder' include 3D elements with lighting and gravity/velocity in movement. The gestures you need to employ in order to interact successfully with the works also become more structured...fascinating.

It'd be great if they could do a retrospective show here in Sydney!

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