Monday, October 04, 2004

Domestic Anthropomorphism

Philips and Alessi started a wave of product design integrating personable, cutesy and cuddly characteristics that are meant to melt the heart of the typical consumer. The small round spagetti man dental floss dispenser and spewing man toothpaste lid are amongst my favourites.

Somehow...I keep finding myself buying the Alessi 'devil' bottle opener for people as a gift (three times and counting). However, we own none of these items - daft cartoon implements in brightly coloured plastics don't really sway me. Our nearest equivalent is a simple cotton oven mitt, which was cheap and cheerful but provides plenty of personality for our small urban kitchen.

Our oven mitt has a name...testimony to its design it just makes you go all anthropomorphic. (The mitt's name is Nessie). Posted by Hello

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